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International Students

Prospective student

In these sections you can find useful informations to matriculate and/or enroll on courses organized by the University of Turin.

Visiting students (Erasmus+, other exchange programs)

The Computer Science program (both Bachelor and Master degrees) are mostly in Italian.

The following courses (Master degree) are offered in English:


- Simulation and Modelling
- Information theory elements
- Image Processing and Artificial Vision


- Simulation and Modelling
- Information theory elements
- Neural Networks and Deep Learning

More courses in English on CS related subjects can be found here:
- Master in Stochastics and Data Science
- Master in Artificial Intelligence for Biomedicine and Healthcare
- Master in Language Technologies and Digital Humanities

Information concerning the forms to be filled, deadlines, accomodation, registration and italian language courses can be found on the International Mobility portal of the University of Turin, in particular on the Instructions for incoming students web page.

Courses activated

The educational period starts from middle September and ends in end May/beginning June and it is organized in two semesters: 

First: from middle September to December/January

Second: from the beginning of February to end May/June


A description (in english) of the set of courses offered by the department of Computer Science (e.g., course code and title, the professor(s) responsible of the course, the program, the number of credits) can be found on each web page course: The set of courses activated each Academic year may be subject to variation, so we suggest the students to have a look at all the information on the web site of the department to fill their Learning Agreement with the courses available in the academic year of reference. We remind that 1 CFU corresponds to 1 ECTS and to 10 hours of lessons in classroom.

Login activation

It is important to ask also login and password to use laboratory (in Turing laboratory you can use Unito SCU, login and password). 

You can ask to the Login office (timetable) bringing with you Erasmus documents (Learning agreement, smart card) obtained from Infopoint or International Mobility office)


Via Po 29 - 10124 Torino

Tel. +39 011.670.3020/3021 - Fax 011 2361048
public buses: 13-15-18-55-56-68-61
Skype contact: infopoint.unito

  • Incoming and outgoing teachers and students - International Mobility office of the University of Torino

Tel. +39 011 6704425

E-mail: International Exchange

  • Erasmus Committee of the Department of Computer Science:


  • Erasmus Committee for Learning Agreement:


Please find all the useful information at the page

L'Università di Torino dà il benvenuto a studenti internazionali provenienti da tutto il mondo.

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